Propecia side effects (Depression, Long term uses issue, Forum, Percentage)
Propecia side effects (Depression, Long term uses issue, Forum, Percentage)
Propecia side effects

Propecia pills use to treat male hair loss problem within a few months. It is worldwide famous medicine due to their effective working ability to protect hair. Propecia generic name is Finasteride and available in a dispensary through a generic name. Few side effects which is common for all age group who used Propecia (Finasteride) high dosage:

  • Impotence (inability to take effective action),
  • Loss of interest in sexual intercourse (physical and mental stress),
  • Trouble having an orgasm (inability to achieve sexual climax),
  • Abnormal premature ejaculation causes (semen enters the bladder instead of emerging through the penis),
  • Swelling in your hands or feet (painful),
  • Swelling or tenderness in your breasts,
  • Dizziness (dizziness include migraine, medications, and alcohol),
  • Weakness (don’t able to do work),
  • Headache (pain in head),
  • Runny nose/skin rash.

Allergic reaction: face swelling, lips swelling, tongue and throat dryness.

Male’s Breast cancer side effects can be seen by this disease

Propecia side effects (Male Brest cancer )

Propecia side effects (Male Brest cancer )

  • Lumps in the breast,
  • Tenderness and pain near the breast,
  • Discharge from nipple,
  • Changes in breast size.

Few more side effects, which is common are mention below:

  • Lack of sex interest,
  • The feeling of lost,
  • Orgasm related issues,
  • Abnormal ejaculation and behavior.

Propecia side effects due to long term treatment

In 1 of 10 people, suffering from hair loss, and their stress for hair can be seen in words also(during the talk). According to a new study investigation, sexual drugs side effect can lead to hair fall.

According to lab tests Finasteride works by hunk the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A vigorous form of testosterone, which increases male baldness. This medicine is approved by the FDA to prevent hair loss and widely used all over the world for treatment.

Very few medicines are available in the market, which doesn’t have side effect but if you are talking about Propecia then you feel sad due to the list of side effects. Few major side effects are libido and erectile dysfunction (reported during the clinical trials). According to FDA update, sexual side effects might endure at least 3 months after stopping the treatment of this medicine.

Some fascinating headlines are circulating the internet to suggest that taking Propecia can cause irreversible erectile dysfunction or decrease your libido for good. FDA issued a warning in 2012 that Propecia (Finasteride) increases the risk of experiencing sexual side effects including libido, ejaculation, and orgasm disorders, which do not tell the full story in the headlines.

“According to a new study, by Steven Belkin (assistant professor of Northwestern University) men’s towel on libido. Earlier, Finasteride and Mideastern cause sexual problems that continue for more than 90 days after stopping the drugs.”

Take a close look of Propecia side effects due to long term use:

  • Weakness/Helplessness,
  • Loss of interest in sex,
  • Orgasm problem,
  • Not a feeling of any excitements,
  • Nipple discharge (Man’s chest),
  • Changes in male breast size,
  • Abnormal ejaculation (abnormal ejaculation),
  • The problem of having an orgasm (the climax of sexual excitement).

Propecia side effects forum (People’s Experience)

people opinions about Propecia side effects according to experience

people opinions about Propecia side effects according to experience

A shameful thing in a teenager, losing his/her hair. All over the world people are suffering from this, few of them are taking medicine or doing natural treatment. Propecia is a drug which is used for preventing hair fall.

The result of this medicine is good for hair. But the side effect of this medicine can cause a big problem for you.

World Health Organization Review

According to WHO (World Health Organization), 59 man had killed themselves due to the side effects of Finasteride. The drug doesn’t kill anyone directly but the physical/mental condition makes it difficult for people to live a normal life.

  • In 2012, when I was 20 years old, I took Finasteride for 21 days. On 22 day I was traveling in public transport, started feeling uneasy and a little skeptical.

The symptoms which were felt by me at that time are dull(weakness) & headache. I also feel anxious, depressive and my sleep was nonexistent.

  • I am Robert, an old user of Finasteride in the form of Propecia tablets. The result of this medicine makes my smile special by providing me a gift of my hair. But I realize my penis turned completely into a different body part (can’t able to enlarge my penis) and it was not the same.

Touching it was like touching my elbow or some other less sensitive body part, and if it did not happen at all, then there would be no real erections again.

  • I am 28 years, W. Jack (Liverpool, Allerton, UK) had suffered a lot after taking this medicine. It was true, that I got a benefit from this medicine(to prevent hair loss).

After taking this medicine for a long time, my sexual organs are not operating well, I also realize, have lost fluency in my speech and thought during a talk, memory problem.

Propecia side effects percentages

Propecia side effects percentages

Propecia side effects percentages

  • On more than 11,000 men, who took the drug had not suffered from sexual dysfunction, but after stopping the medicine 1.4% person suffered from sexual issue.
  • 15,634 men, who had taken Propecia drug, no prior sexual dysfunction, 699 (4.5%) develop new ED. 1.3% man in between the age 16 to 42-year-old ha of developed new low libido.
  • Younger women, who had taken medicine more than 205 days, 4.9% high risk of PDE than men.
  • Sexual adverse effects are the most common side effects which cause due to this medicine from 0.9 to 38 percent of people are suffering from this drawback.
  • Erectile Dysfunction, decreased libido and ejaculate ratio in percentages as 3.4% to 15.8%.
  • Androgenic Alopecia (AGA) is an inborn trend of hair fall where the terminal hair is converted to scale velvety hair. According to reports, 80 percent of Caucasian men and 50 percent of women in the age of 70 years exhibit different patterns of hair loss. People, however, different examples of male pattern baldness.
  • In men, hair loss is usually reduced in front & vertex side of the scalp, while women reduce from the central scalp.

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