Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Prostate cancer is not the cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the prostate cancer treatment can cause erectile dysfunction like Radiation therapy, Surgery to remove the prostate gland, hormone therapy and other types of treatment can easily develop the erectile dysfunction. So if you have erectile dysfunction, it is not sure that you also have prostate cancer. Erectile dysfunction occurs only when prostate cancer is undergoing treatment.

Prostate cancer is a common disease that can affect over 3 million people every year in the USA. This disease occurs in the prostate and the prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland that produces the sperm of the male. The chances of erectile dysfunction increase after the surgery, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy of prostate cancer because it is affecting your erection control ability.

If you stuck with this type of disease then take medical treatment as soon as possible and consult with your doctor for more information about prostate cancer. In this article, you can get a lot of information about prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. We are trying to add some useful information to help you.

What is Prostate Cancer?

Cancer occurs when your cells in the body are growth rapidly and the nearest part of the cell develops cancer cell. The prostate gland is inbuilt only the men and prostate cancer are started when the prostate cell is growth. Prostate cancer makes some liquid substance which is the Siemens part. Erectile dysfunction is a possible side effect of prostate cancer treatment. The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland in the male body which locates at front of the rectum and below the bladder.

Thousands of men each year affects prostate cancer disease who are middle-aged or older. Over 65 years of age, about 60% of cases occur in men. According to the presumption of the American Cancer Society (ACS), about 174,650 American men will suffer and 31,620 deaths from prostate cancer in 2019.

What is Prostate Cancer?

Also, urethra surrounding the prostate. The urethra is a tube which helps to out the urine into the bladder. Prostate store or reduce the liquid substance which helps to generate the semen easily and control the bladder activity. Sometimes prostate cancer develops slowly and many men die of another disease before prostate cancer becomes active. Now prostate cancer survival rates are increasing impressively.

The risk factor for prostate cancer is not found properly but researchers and other physicians working on it know the risk factor before it becomes severe stages.

What is the risk factor of Prostate Cancer?

Here some possible risk factor of prostate cancer:

  • Diet,
  • Age,
  • Geography,
  • Smoke,
  • A sedentary lifestyle,
  • Genetic Factors,
  • Medication,
  • Agent Orange
  • Obesity,
  • Family history of breast and ovarian cancer.

What are the symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

Prostate Cancer Symptoms Stages

There is no symptom of the early stage of prostate cancer, but when it is growing, then the symptom shows that you have prostate cancer. So remember to be vigilant and consult your doctor. Only in rare case prostate cancer causes symptoms and the symptoms depend on the stages.

Here some symptoms are the following:

  • Difficulty to maintain urination,
  • Night urination,
  • Weak, slow or obstructed flow of urine,
  • Blood in urine,
  • Painful ejaculation,
  • Pain in the rectum,
  • The difficulty of having an erection,
  • Burning or painful urination,
  • Decreased liquid substance ejaculation,

Note: If you have urine related problem then don’t judge quickly that you have prostate cancer. Another disease also symptoms like BPH and prostatitis.

If you want to know more about the symptoms then watch this video: Prostate Cancer

Types of Prostate Cancer

All the cancer are related to the prostate cell and they are the following:

  • Neuroendocrine Tumors,
  • Squamous cell cancer,
  • Ductal adenocarcinoma,
  • Small Cell Carcinoma,
  • Transitional Cell Carcinoma,
  • Sarcoma,

These prostate cancers are rare and If you have prostate cancer, adenocarcinoma is almost certain.

How Prostate Cancer causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition and occurs during the Prostate Cancer treatment process. When the treatment completes then erectile dysfunction occurs because it is a common disease that affects the body during some treatment process. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer then the cancer care team will discuss all the treatment options. It is important to balance the benefits of each treatment option against the side effects and risks. Therefore, beware of any health disease caused by prostate cancer.

Treatment of prostate cancer can affect four main components of erectile function:

What treatment process is using to treat prostate cancer?

Depending on each case, treatment options for men with prostate cancer may include:

  • Chemotherapy for prostate cancer,
  • Vaccine Treatment for prostate cancer,
  • Surgery for prostate cancer,
  • Hormone therapy for prostate cancer,
  • Radiation therapy for prostate cancer,
  • Cryotherapy for prostate cancer,
  • Prevention and treatment of prostate cancer spread to bones,

In these treatments process, some common treatment is mostly used in Prostate Cancer therapy process and they also cause erectile dysfunction soon.

  • Surgery,
  • Hormone Therapy,
  • Radiation,

Some percentage of erectile dysfunction is increased after the surgery of prostate cancer. The possibility of erectile dysfunction is depending on the skill of the surgeon, type of surgery, and cancer stage.

Hormone Therapy

When hormone therapy is used, erectile dysfunction or decreased sexual desire and may take approximately two to four weeks after therapy to begin. All happens due to the medication and testosterone lowering action.

Radiation Therapy

Erectile dysfunction begins slowly after radiation therapy and starts for about six months after treatment. Erectile dysfunction is a common prolonged complexity of radiation therapy.

How to make treatment decisions for Prostate Cancer?

Treatment decisions are the most important part that helps you feel better. For treatment, you have to consult with your doctor about the side effects, procedure, precautions, and goals that help you a lot to take an easy decision.

Some important things you should remember during consult your doctor:

  • Chances are that the treatment will cure your cancer,
  • Your feelings about the possible side effects of each treatment,
  • Your cancer stage and grade,
  • Do you have any other serious health conditions,
  • Your feelings (and your doctor’s opinion) should be considered immediately regarding cancer treatment,
  • Your age and expected life span,

These things make you help and it’s important to make a decision quickly. Also, take yourself some time to check the information and feel more confident about the treatment process.

Which Erectile Dysfunction Medications are better during Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is a serious condition and treatment of prostate cancer causes erectile dysfunction. In the case of erectile dysfunction medicine are used to treat ED problem easily. But the problem is that which medicine is a good option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction easily. Because in the market many medicines are available that treat ED problem but during prostate cancer, some medicine is reliable to use.

Erectile dysfunction medications belong to the PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors, class. All PDE-5 medications are orally used and include best erectile dysfunction pills like:

These ED pills help to treat erectile dysfunction easily to do long duration intercourse and if there is any doubt then you can consult your doctor. They will suggest you reliable medicine that helps to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

In case, anyone has any doubt regarding prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction then discuss with your doctor is a more secure option to you because the doctor knows better than others. If you have any query then they will answer you with proper manner. So no need to worry about anything your all health disease will recover soon.

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