Permanent Birth Control Method: Types Of Permanent Birth Control Method

Permanent Birth Control Method

Well, as we know there are many birth control methods available these days. Some of them are the devices that need to be inserted into the parts of the body. Also, there are so many birth control pills that are used for this birth control issue. The birth control patch, birth control rings, and IUD are some of the methods for birth control. Also, there are some natural methods of birth control methods. 

But In this particular time, we are going to deal with the permanent birth control method. Some people sometimes need to go for the permanent birth control method. Basically permanent birth control methods are of two types and we will see each of the types in detail in this particular blog. 

This method is the second most famous method in the US. However, you can be affected by sexually transmitted diseases, as it is not prone to sexually transmitted diseases. 

Why Go For Permanent Birth Control Method?

Well, there can be a lot of reasons for choosing a permanent birth control method. One should be very clear about this method as there is no option of going back. So one needs to have a conversation with the partner. Some people regret choosing this method as they can’t go back to their normal condition again. So it’s good to have a clear mind about this birth control method. 

So as we said that there can be several reasons for this birth control method. The very reason can be family planning. These days people are very clear about family planning. How many babies they want or what their financial condition is. They think about all these things. So there can be something like you want one kid or two. So after having the desired number of kinds they might go for this permanent birth control method. 

The other situation can be if a person doesn’t want to get pregnant ever in life. Well, this particular situation can play a crucial role. As there are possibilities that later they desire to have babies. But as we already said there is no way to back to normal condition.

Types Of Permanent Birth Control Methods

Well, there are mainly two kinds of birth control methods. The very first method is known as the surgical method and the second one is the non-surgical method. So in this section let’s deal with those surgical and non-surgical methods. 

Surgical Method

As the name says surgical, one needs to go through the surgical process in order to get this method. Also, this method is quite popular and generally, people go for this method the most. Well, there are procedures to go back to normal condition in some cases, but it is not guaranteed that it will work 100 percent. Therefore there should be clarity in mind if they don’t want the kids in the future. There are different types of surgical methods too. So now let us see the surgical methods available to us. 


The very first type of surgical method is Vasectomy. It is a kind of sterilization for men. It takes care of the sperm not to spill in the vagina at the time of intercourse. During sexual intercourse, the sperm doesn’t get ejaculated from the penis to the vagina. It is all how it works. Well, a urologist or any surgeon can perform this method. There is a tube that carries the sperm from the testicles to the urethra that is also known as the ductus deferens. The opening ends of the tube are closed to perform the vasectomy. 

Well, this particular method can be reversed but it needs a very experienced physician or you may fail to get the desired result. Also, it can be led to some harmful issues if not performed in a proper way. Also, the process can be pretty much costlier.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vasectomy

There are benefits as well as some harm too of this particular method. So now let us see so the advantages and disadvantages of this method. 

Simple processLittle complications like sperm granuloma or congestion
More effective than Tubal LigationCan not work if not placed properly
Very little complications
Cheaper than other methods
No effects of hormones
No effects on sexuality

Tubal Ligation 

Well, the second type of surgical permanent birth control method is the Tubal Ligation. It is basically performed in a woman. All that it does is ties a tube in the woman. It is just like the Vasectomy but performed on the woman. The process is also called the tied tube. Basically in this process what happens is, the fallopian tube of a woman is blocked or cut. The fallopian tube is the tube that carries the ovum and it joins the uterus to the ovaries. 

The surgeon basically searches for the fallopian tube of a woman and when they find the fallopian tube, they block it. Also, they can go for the burning of the tube. Or they can cut the tube of the fallopian. The whole process can take about ten to forty-five minutes. Well, this birth control method can be reversed but there is a very low chance of getting pregnant again. So it advisable to go for this method only after being very clear about it.  

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tubal Ligation

Like all other birth control methods, this method too has some advantages and disadvantages. So let us see the advantages and disadvantages of the Tubal Ligation.

Enjoy your sexual desires Going back is pretty hard
No need to go for complicated birth control methods like IUD and Implants. Risks like bleeding and infection
No use of synthetic hormonesPainful 

Non-Surgical Method

As the name says non-surgical permanent birth control method, is the contraceptive method that not needs surgery. So let us see what are some of the methods available for the non-surgical permanent birth control method.

Hysteroscopic sterilization

Well, Hysteroscopic sterilization is a non-surgical birth control birth method. This method is performed in the woman where the physical searches for the fallopian tube. Once the fallopian tube is found by the physician the further process is conducted. It takes almost thirty minutes to perform the whole task. 

As the physician found the fallopian tubes, a metal coil of four-inch is inserted in each of the fallopian tubes. After few months the tissues grow up over the coil. These tissues don’t let the eggs get fertilized. It prevents the eggs to travel from the ovaries to the uterus.

At the starting three months, one can use other birth control devices such as condoms. The fallopian blockage takes some time. Once the doctor verifies the proper blockage of the fallopian tube after examining some tests, you can rely on Hysteroscopic sterilization. 

This particular method is permanent. Also, this method comes as an alternative to the surgical method. Also, if the metal coil is not placed properly it can give some side effects too. This particular birth control method doesn’t help you deal with sexually transmitted diseases.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hysteroscopic sterilization

Quick processRisks of infection, bleeding, and blood clots
No hormonesNew procedure
Quick recovery Can give some long term side effects like painful menstruation
99 percent effectiveNeed to wait for three months to get it activated
pelvic pain, abdominal bloating, and migraines


So now let us see some of the common questions related to these permanent birth control methods. 

1. What is the best form of permanent birth control?

Well, there are many permanent birth control methods but the best among those methods is Vasectomy.

2. What are 3 methods for permanent methods of birth control?

So below are given the 3 methods of the permanent methods of birth control:

  • Tubal Ligation
  • Vasectomy
  • Hysteroscopic sterilization

3. What are 5 birth control methods?

Here are the 5 birth control methods:

  • Permanent birth control 
  • Birth control ring
  • Birth control patch
  • Birth control pills
  • Contraceptive devices

4. Let Us See What’s the safest birth control method? 

Well, if you are searching for the safest birth control method then it is the natural way of birth control. Planned parenthood can be the best option for birth control methods. As there are no side effects and no complications. 

5. Let Us Know Does birth control make you thick?

Not all birth control methods do so, but there are some birth control methods that can make you look thick. But this effect wears off after few weeks or within the month.  

6. Does birth control make your boobs bigger?

Not all birth control methods do so, but there are some birth control methods that can make you look thick. But this effect wears off after few weeks or within the month.

7. How long after starting birth control can you stop using condoms?

Well, it totally depends on the method you are using. If you are using the non-surgical method you will have to use the condoms at least for 3 months. As it takes time to develop the tissues on the metal coil. 

8. Is Plan B necessary if on birth control? 

Well, if you want to be 100 percent sure then you can go for the condoms. Also, condoms prevent you from sexually transmitted diseases.  

Sum It Up

Although the permanent birth control methods provide the best possible result, it does not helps to deal with the sexually transmitted diseases. Also, you should be pretty careful while going for this particular method. There is a very low chance of getting back and getting pregnant. So take time, discuss with your partner, and then only go for this particular method. 

Also, it is advisable to go for some natural way of birth control methods as it has no complications and no such side effects. Also, using condoms can be beneficial. Condoms even help you in dealing with sexually transmitted diseases. 

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