Birth Control Ring Side Effects and Working: Everything You Should Know About The Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)
Birth Control Ring Side Effects and Working: Everything You Should Know About The Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)
Birth Control Ring Side Effects and Working

Well, there are many types of birth control methods available these days. One of them is using the birth control ring also known as the NuvaRing birth control. The birth control methods are not less than any fortune for dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. Either it’s some natural birth control method or some birth control pills, all these methods are high in demand.

No doubt the methods work pretty awesomely. But still, there are chances of getting affected by the side effects. So in this particular reference of time, we are going to see the birth control ring side effects that one should be aware of.

What Is Birth Control Ring?

A birth control ring is a type of birth control method. It is one of the most effective birth control methods available today. This particular method is also known as vaginal ring or NuvaRing. The ring is made up of some flexible type of rubber that gets fits in your vagina. It needs to be inserted inside the vagina and there it gets held by the muscles of the vagina. It gets settled there comfortably without any complications. 

It needs to be inserted every three weeks a month. The ring has some hormones that are released to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The hormones that release from the ring are responsible to stop the ovaries from releasing from the eggs. It makes the cervical mucus thick to stop the sperm from entering it. 

How Does The Vaginal Ring works?

Well, the working of every birth control method is less or more the same. Like any other birth control methods, the NuvaRing also works on the same principle. The main focus is on not letting the sperm join the eggs. In other words, we can say that the goal is to stop the fertilization process. The ring itself contains the hormones that help in dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. 

It contains the estrogen and progestin hormones that are responsible for not letting the fertilization process occur. These two hormones are the same that our body releases naturally. Time when you insert the ring inside your vagina, your body absorbs the hormones. And take care of the ovulation process not to occur.

Also, as it makes the cervical mucus thick, it gets pretty difficult for the sperm to enter it. That means there is no sperm to make the fertilization process occur. And this is how one gets prevented from unwanted pregnancy. 

How To Insert Birth Control Ring?

Birth Control Ring Side Effects and Working

Although using the birth control ring is quite simple, but you should be careful while using it. There should proper cleanliness while using the birth control ring. So in this section, we will see how one should use the birth control ring. So follow the steps that are given below.

  • The very first step is to clean the hands properly
  • Unwrap the ring properly
  • Hold the ring with your thumb and index finger and pinch it to the center 
  • Spread your legs and insert the ring inside the vagina
  • Push it as deep as you can in the vagina
  • You can also use an applicator to insert the ring which easily available online or at any medical store.

Birth Control Ring Side Effects

Like the other birth control methods available to us, this birth control method to have some side effects. But no need to worry much as these side effects are not kind of so much harmful. Also, the side effects wear off after some weeks, or in some cases, it wears off in about a month. So in this section, we will see some of the most common birth control ring side effects.

  • Headache
  • Weight gain in some cases
  • Nausea
  • Breast tenderness
  • Vaginal irritation if not placed perfectly 

Advantages Of Using Birth Control Ring (NuvaRing)

Well, there are certain advantages of using the birth control ring over other birth control methods. So, now we will see some advantages of this birth control method. 

  • The very first advantage is its effectiveness. This particular method is quite effective and there are very few chances of getting pregnant while using this method
  • No need to kill the sexual feelings. It lets you enjoy sexual intercourse with getting worries about the unwanted pregnancy 
  • Easy to use
  • A good alternative to implants

Birth Control Ring Effectiveness

Well, the birth control ring is quite effective. Even it is one of the most effective birth control methods available nowadays. There is a very low chance of getting pregnant after using the NuvaRing. Just about 1 to 4 in 1000 women got pregnant while using the birth control ring. That simply means it is 96 to 99 percent effective. 


Let’s see some of the commonly asked questions related to this birth control ring. 

1. How much does the NuvaRing cost without insurance?

Well, the NuvaRing works pretty awesomely and it cost around $0 to $200 without the insurance.

2. Is NuvaRing effective as soon as you put it in?

Well, if you use the NuvaRing after the 5 days of your periods it will start working right from the time you use it. 

3. Can guys feel the NuvaRing?

Well, this depends on how properly you have inserted the NuvaRing. If you have inserted the ring properly then your partner might not feel the ring. But in some cases, it is found that the partner also feels the ring but generally, it doesn’t bother them.

4. Let us know can birth control make your boobs bigger? 

Yes, birth control can make the size of your boobs get bigger.

5. Let’s see does birth control make you thick?

Yes, birth control can make you look thick but it is just for 2 to 3 months after that the thickness goes away. 

6. Let us know does NuvaRing fall out easily? 

The NuvaRing is placed inside your vagina and it is held by the muscles of the vagina. There is very little chance of falling off the NuvaRing if it is placed properly. 

7. Does NuvaRing kill sperm?

NuvaRing makes the cervical mucus thick that doesn’t let the sperm enter. And the spermicide inside the ring kills the sperm.


So, this was a little piece of knowledge that we shared with you on the birth control ring. We have shown how effective the method is. Also, we have shown how to use this particular ring. So, now no need to control that sexual temptation. Just use this NuvaRing and enjoy those sexual temptations. 

No matter how effective a birth control method is, it is always suggested to go for the natural ways of the birth control method. As the natural ways have zero side effects and long-lasting effects. The best way to go for the natural method is the planned parenthood method. This is quite a simple and the best birth control method. A simple but yet effective method. Just simple planning can help you in dealing with the birth control issue. 

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