Erectile Dysfunction and Masturbation: Causes and Treatment Options

Erectile Dysfunction and Masturbation

Masturbation is a very common activity (take sexual pleasure) and can’t cause erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a myth that masturbation cause ED because erectile dysfunction becomes from some health disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, vascular disease, heart disease, and many other increases the rate of erectile dysfunction. In a male erectile dysfunction (Impotence) is a common inability and mostly causes by stress or anxiety. Masturbating does not cause ED, it even has benefits like release tension, aid sleep and reduces stress. A person cannot perform erections immediately after masturbation. It is known as the male refractory period and not the same as erectile dysfunction.

A male refractory period is the recovery time before a man can achieve erections after ejaculation. If you can perform sexually even with masturbation, you may feel more confident that you can do sexual intercourse. Age is a more significant predictor of understanding erectile dysfunction. Over 40 years old men may suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is a common inability and finds in 40 percent of men.

In young men, erectile dysfunction is caused by emotional factors and psychological issues. Here you can get more information related to the ED and Masturbation. So read carefully all the instructions we have mentioned in this blog.

Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

Masturbation is a beneficial factor that reduces stress, anxiety, and emotional issues. These factors are the main reason for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. So it is a myth that masturbation causes erectile dysfunction because men use various masturbation techniques. Which tamper in sexual function. After ejaculation by using masturbation men can’t get an erection earlier it may take 15-20 minutes or depend on the sexual excitement.

In the case of erectile dysfunction, men hard to achieve an erection. You can’t get an erection because the blood is not flowing properly into the penile vessels. First, you have to take medical treatment to recover your health disease then you can easily control ED (Impotence). So if you feel stress or emotionally depressed then at that time you can do masturbation because masturbation depends on your sexual excitement.

This is not a bad thing because masturbation easily reduces stress and emotional depression. So don’t worry about to do masturbating because it helps cure ED and another disease. It is not the causes of Erectile Dysfunction so do whenever you feel stressed. Sometimes masturbation is good for health because of many research are clarified that it is not harmful.

Know more about the ED and Masturbation then watch this video: Masturbation leads ED

What kind of things you should know about Masturbation?

Masturbation is not causing any health disease if you do 3-4 times a week. It helps to reduce your stress, emotional issues, and anxiety but erectile dysfunction (Impotence) not a cause of masturbation.

These are the following things that you do not know about men’s masturbation:

  • Not provide a health benefit that sex does,
  • There is no normal amount of masturbation,
  • Not risky,
  • Good for your sex life,
  • Not reflect your relationship.

It is the personal decision of every person who does masturbate and there is no way to go out about it. Many men do masturbation regularly to feel relax, understand the body strength, release sexual tension, their partner is not around, and more other reasons.

Is Masturbation Healthy?

Some reviews about masturbation are bad and some are beneficial to health. Many people do masturbate for sexual pleasure and some release the stress. There are many reasons to do masturbate but peoples have neglected the causes or symptoms. If you do masturbate too much then it is harmful to you. Consult with the physician about your problem they will suggest the way to improve masturbate.

Some health benefits of Masturbation:

  • Edge off,
  • Help you to sleep better,
  • Strengthen muscle tone in your anal areas,
  • Improve yourself for esteem and body image,
  • Help to treat sexual problems,
  • Release sexual tension easily,
  • Relieving menstrual cramps and muscle tension rapidly.

It can be easy to learn how to make yourself orgasm, being one with a partner, because you can tell them what feels good. Some people masturbate like their partners. Talking with your partner about sex can make your relationship stronger and can also more enjoyable.

How to take erectile dysfunction treatment?

Erectile dysfunction is an inability that reduces the strength to maintain an erection. It never caused through to do masturbation because the masturbation reduces the stress, emotional issues, and anxiety. These things increase the rate of ED (Impotence) so it is clear that masturbation is not causing ED. Because erectile dysfunction occurs through health disease, treatment therapy, and emotional issue. A review of the 2016 clinical report stated that the rise of ED in young men coincides with the development of porn sites.

Impotence (ED) is a common inability that finding in one person out of four in the USA and it can easily treatable. Many treatment options are provided by the physician so you can pick any one of them as you like to treat your erectile dysfunction problem. Talking with your partner about the ED is easier and helps you to get the treatment option and take emotional support.

Some treatment options for ED:

  • Self Injection therapy,
  • Do masturbation,
  • Physical exercise,
  • Erectile dysfunction medications,
  • Vacuum erection device,
  • Intraurethral Suppositories,
  • Surgical treatment,
  • Penile Implants,
  • Testosterone therapy.

Many more options are available that help to treat male erectile dysfunction rapidly. Take any one of them with the help of your partner and take treatment as soon as possible because of the delay ED treatment make you sicker and harmful to your relationship. Therefore, take medical advice to the physician and tell about your condition. They will provide you the better medical treatment according to your current health condition.

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