How to cure Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes: Get Control Today

Erectile Dysfunction during Diabetes

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Diabetes is a common disease in men. In the case of erectile dysfunction (Impotence), men difficult to maintain and keep an erection for longer. ED can cause by many health diseases and the common causes are diabetes. Especially those who have type 2 diabetes. It damages the blood vessels and nerves system of the penis that’s why erectile dysfunction caused.

Diabetes occurs when the sugar is circulating in the bloodstreams. It has mainly two types: Type 1 diabetes affects less than 10% of those people who have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes affects 90% of the source of diabetes cases. According to Americans, 30M people are affected by diabetes. In this total, more than half the population is male who has ED disease.

In this article, you can get meaningful or relevant information. The article takes 5-7 minutes and helps those people who affected with Erectile Dysfunction.

How can Diabetes overcome Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction

System of diabetes and erectile dysfunction are related to the nervous system and blood circulation. Both depend on bloodstreams. Because when men get excited about the sexual activity then the male body releases the Nitric Oxide in the bloodstream. This chemical help to relax penis arteries or muscle. During this blood flow increases in your penis and help to keep an erection for long duration intercourse.

In the case of diabetes, there is more blood sugar circulation flow in the vessels when the sugar level is high. If the blood sugar level is too higher then the human body releases less Nitric Oxide. That’s why blood does not flows properly in the penis to keep an erection. This happens only with diabetes patients and if you want to reduce ED fast then consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

“Erectile dysfunction is not good for your personal sexual life because it reduces your feelings with your partner.”

If you have some amount of hormones and little excited to have sex then diabetes reduces your desire and still may not achieve your erection easily.

What kind of test for the diagnosis of ED and Diabetes?

Here are some tests to diagnose ED:

  • Blood test for measuring the level of diabetes and take the best ED pill for diabetics.
  • The hormones test to measure testosterone and another hormone.
  • To measure the sugar in the urine, point to the diabetic test urine.
  • Sweat test, blood pressure test and nervous system test to consider nerve damage to sweat glands, blood vessels, and heart.
  • Injecting a drug in the penis to check blood supply is normal in your penis.

How to consult a doctor about ED and diabetes?

Consult a doctor about ED and Diabetes

Consult with the doctor is a safe or reliable option for everyone who has some health disease. But many patients are shy to consult about Erectile Dysfunction (ED). That’s why the patient has to face health problems in personal life. So if you have any kind of health issue immediate take medical treatment from your doctor.

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes are easy to understand now because the doctor always said to the patient to control diabetes. If you have diabetes control then erectile dysfunction risk is easily reduced.

“So do not feel embarrassed as you should be prepared to seek help from a doctor.”

What to do when you are with your doctor:

  • Tell your doctor everything about what symptoms you are experiencing them.
  • Ask and concern to your doctor about ED or another sexual disorder.
  • Consult your doctor if they have a way to control your diabetes easily.
  • If you experience any physical changes or feeling uneasy, state everything to your doctor.
  • Consult about another health disease.
  • After purchase medications, you should check out the medicines with your doctor.
  • Ask your doctor which medical treatment and precautions are relevant to recover your health soon.

Which treatment method is relevant for you to consider?

If you stuck with erectile dysfunction then there are many options to prevent them. Just consult with your doctor which one is relevant to you.

Some methods are the following:

  • Oral Medications,
  • Physical Therapy,
  • Vacuum Pump,
  • Other Medical Option,
  • Surgery,

Oral Medications

Oral medications for ED is also known as erectile dysfunction medications. Here is some oral medication that helps to reduce the erectile dysfunction symptoms during sexual intercourse:

These ED pills help to flow the blood into the penis and help to keep an erection for longer. So consult with your doctor which medicine is better for you.

Physical Therapy

In physical therapy, the doctors recommend Kegel exercises. Because of Kegel’s exercise, many patients treat their erectile dysfunction very easily. So if you are stuck with ED then you can also try Kegel exercise and ask your doctor if you need any kind of help.

To know better about Kegel Exercise watch: Kegel Exercise

Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump helps to increase blood flow to your penis. It is also called Penis Pump and Vacuum Construction Device. The vacuum pump is a plastic cylinder and is above the penis. This pump has a vacuum suction inside the cylinder, which draws blood into the penis to make an erection. After the vacuum tube removed then a stretchable band placed in the base of the penis to maintain the erection.

Vacuum Pump for ED

If you feel safe to use this vacuum pump then you can also consult your doctor for any question or method to use the pump correctly.

Other Medical Options

Generally, we know that oral medication is used to treat ED, but if they are not working well then you can use some other medical treatments such as lotions, oils, and injections. They are also used to reduce symptoms of erection dysfunction and to maintain an erection. So ask your doctor about these options if they are safe to use.

Surgery (Penile Implants)

The surgery uses when the medication, physical therapy, vacuum pump, and other option are not doing there work correctly. In this method, the urologist who trained with this field inserts a device into the penis that helps to maintain an erection as long as you need it.

Penile implants are three types:

  • 1-Piece bendable implants,
  • 2-Piece inflatable implants,
  • 3-Piece inflatable implants,

These three have unique characteristics. If you want to know more about these characteristics then meet the person who has using this type of process. Otherwise, you can consult your doctor regarding any questions about the penile implants.

Lifestyle tips to control Erectile Dysfunction during Diabetes

Preventive measures such as stopping smoking and alcohol will help to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. A study published in 2018 showed that earlier diabetes prognostic may increase the risk for another health disease such as cardiovascular diseases, erectile dysfunction and certain types of cancer.

Here are some lifestyle activities that help develop ED:

  • Reduce Stress,
  • Stop Smoking,
  • Do Physical Exercise,
  • Loss your Overweight,
  • Stop Drinking Alcohol,
  • Take Healthy Diets.

These activities should be reduced as soon as possible because if you doing regularly then the symptoms of erectile dysfunction hard to handle. ED and diabetes both are more serious and harmful to your body. So neglect them and take medical treatment to control diabetes to treat ED easily.

Doctor advise is a must before doing any activity because they know better about this type of conditions. That’s why no need to worry about it just remembers all the points that we mentioned in this article.

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