Contraceptive Implant: The Long Term Birth Control Method

Contraceptive Implant

A contraceptive Implant is an amazing method for preventing unwanted pregnancy. It is one of those long-term solutions for unwanted pregnancies. Basically, it is a type of hormonal birth control method. It releases a type of hormone known as progestin. This progestin hormone helps in dealing with those unwanted pregnancies. Basically, it is a small plastic rod that is inserted in the upper arm just under the skin of the arm. But one should be aware that it does not help in dealing with sexually transmitted diseases. So in this particular time of reference, we will see the issues and benefits related to the contraceptive implant. 

Working Of Contraceptive Implant 

Like any other hormonal birth control methods, the contraceptive implant also releases progestin hormone that is called etonogestrel. This particular hormone is responsible for getting rid of those unwanted pregnancies. Like any other hormonal birth control method, this method too prevents the sperm from joining the eggs, in order to prevent pregnancy. Also, the hormones are responsible for the thickening of the cervical mucus in order to prevent the sperm from getting join the eggs. As there are no sperms to join the eggs, there are no chances of fertilization. Hence, there are no pregnancies and finally, the desired result is obtained. 

Contraceptive Implant Side Effects 

Although the contraceptive implants work pretty good and are known for the long term solutions to the unwanted pregnancies, it has some side effects too. Although these side effects are quite normal and some people may not feel these side effects. But one should be aware of these side effects. So in this particular section, we are going to deal with the side effects of the contraceptive implant. So below are some of the side effects of contraceptive implants. 

  • Irregular menstrual bleeding
  • Lighter or heavier periods
  • Headache
  • Breast pain
  • Nausea
  • Weight gain
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Chances of infection where the implant is inserted

These side effects are not so serious and generally wear off in a month or few. But one should be careful as it can become serious too. 

How To Use The Contraceptive Implant?

Well, the contraceptive implant is one of the easiest methods of birth control. Well, one needs a doctor to get the implant inserted. The doctor will conduct some physical exams before the insertion of the contraceptive implant. The insertion process takes a few minutes. The doctor may use the local anesthetic in order to painless insertion of the implant. Once the insertion is done you will get recovered within 24 hours. Pain or minor bleeding is common after the procedure. As we already discussed that it is a long-term process the implant will stop working after 3 years. 

Contraceptive Implant Removal

As we discussed earlier the implant need to be changed after three years. You can also get it removed earlier according to your wish, all you need is to get an appointment with the doctor. The doctor may make a little cut at the place where the implant is inserted in order to remove the implant. But once the implant is removed, you are prone to unwanted pregnancies. But not to worry as there are different types of birth control methods available these days, like birth control pills, birth control patches, birth control rings, and many more. You can take another implant or you can go for some other contraceptive methods. 

Contraceptive Implant Advantages And Disadvantages

Everything that exists in this world has some upside and downside and the same is with the contraceptive implant. So in this particular section, we are going to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of the contraceptive implant. So below are some of the pros and cons of the contraceptive implant. 

Advantages Disadvantages
The higher effectivenessProne to sexually transmitted disease
The long term solution The cost is a little higher if you don’t take the insurance
Can get fertile once you remove the implant Should remove the implant after three years
Can be the best option who can’t consume the estrogenInsertion requires doctor

Let Us Know How Much Does Contraceptive Implant Cost?

The contraceptive implant may cost between $0 to $1300 without the health insurance plan. Also, it comes with many health insurance plans for free. The removal of the contraceptive implant costs around $300. But the removal of contraceptive implants is also included in the health insurance plan. The cost may differ a little but the overall cost is the same as given above. 


So here are some of the frequently asked questions related to contraceptive implants. So if you had any questions or doubts regarding the contraceptive implants this section will definitely clear those queries. 

1. Can you still get pregnant with the implant?

The contraceptive implant is one of the most effective birth control methods. The effectiveness of the contraceptive implant is about 99 per cent so there are very low chances of getting pregnant while using the contraceptive implant. 

2. Is an implant better than IUD?

Well, it is quite tough to say which one is better among them. Both implant and IUD provide the same effectiveness of about 99 per cent both of the methods are inserted in the body parts. Both are known for a long-term solution. The IUD can be used for an even longer period of time. One can use the IUD for 3 to 10 years. So if you are opting for a longer period then IUD can be a better option for you.

3. Let’s See Can the implant break in your arm?

The implant is made up of flexible plastic. So don’t bother about it as it cannot break into your arm. 

4. What if I leave the implant in for more than three years? 

 Well, in this case, the implant will not be effective if you continue with the same implant even after three years. 

5.Let Us Know Can the implant causes smelly discharge?

Well, every woman has a unique discharge odor. Yes, the implant may cause smelly discharge. But these smelly discharge occurs for one or more months after that the effect goes off. 

6. Let’s See How painful is the contraceptive implant?

Well, the contraceptive implants pain a very little. You may feel like someone has just pinched you. But in some cases, the doctors use the local anesthetic for the painless insertion.      

Sum It Up

So that’s all about contraceptive implants. Although there are different types of birth control methods available these days the contraceptive implants are one of the most effective and easiest birth control methods. No matter how good a contraceptive method is, the natural birth control method is always known as the best birth control method. Also, one should be aware that this birth control method does not help in dealing with sexually transmitted diseases. So it is always suggested to go for the natural kind of birth control methods.  

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