Watermelon for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition in men, particularly as they get older. The arrival of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments revolutionized the world of sexual medicine such as sildenafil (Viagra), which can help stimulate blood flow back to the penis to help resolve ED but there are also many herbal supplements and natural remedies marketed as alternative treatments for ED Such as watermelon. 

Ed drugs do not work for every man. Few men experience side effects, while the drug is unsuitable for others, such as men with certain types of chest pain and heart disease.

One such product is found in a summertime staple: watermelon That’s because of an amino acid in watermelon is called L-citrulline and L-citrulline is said to stimulate blood flow to the penis.

For those men who cannot take Viagra, watermelon is a safe alternative that is unlikely to cause serious side effects.

Watermelon could help with ED

Watermelon is a natural source of L-citrulline. L-citrulline is an amino acid that might support better erections.

Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis allowing a man to get an erection when he is aroused. L-citrulline might do the same thing although it works in a different way to Viagra.


Initial research suggests that the body may convert L-citrulline to another amino acid and that’s called arginine and then Arginine converts to nitric oxide and after that Nitric oxide opens the blood vessels wider and increasing blood flow to the penis and improving erections

Just because watermelon is mostly water, the highest concentrations of L-citrulline come from concentrated watermelon juice.

L-citrulline might help stimulate enzymes called cGMPs. They play the main role in blood flow. The thinking is that more L-citrulline consumption could help improve ED. Unscientific accounts of L-citrulline are numerous on the internet these days, especially by supplement manufacturers.

In terms of scientific data, some studies have looked at the role of L-citrulline in ED. one of the studies published in Urology and they found that 24 men who took supplements over the course of a month noted improvements in mild ED symptoms however Another study looked at the effect of watermelon extract on male rats’ sexual activity and found increased inactivity. There is more long-term research needs to be conducted to explore the efficacy and overall safety of L-citrulline

What other research says

Research into the effects of L -citrulline, and watermelon is relatively new. Almost all studies have been small or looked only at animals like it is too early to say there is conclusive proof that watermelon can act as a natural Viagra.

A 2014 Study analyzes male rats treated with watermelon flesh extract. Those rats who eat watermelon were more likely to go up on females and start intercourse. This increase in libido, the study’s authors concluded, suggests that watermelon  may also be viable to cure for ED

In the year 2017 research published sought to further understand the role of citrulline and arginine in erectile function. Researchers measured both levels of amino acids in 122 men with ED

The research found lower levels of one or both amino acids in men with ED, especially in men with arteriogenic erectile dysfunction. This shows that increasing levels of either L- citrulline or arginine, or both could improve erectile function.

Men should pay attention to the fact that watermelon is likely not as effective as Viagra, and may not work for men who have not been able to get an erection with Viagra.

This is because watermelon increases blood flow to the penis, just the same as Viagra. If some other issue, such as nerve damage or a serious relationship problem, is causing a man’s ED, merely increasing blood flow may not be much help.

While research on animals most of the time applies to humans but this is not always the case. Studies finding positive results in rats may point toward the value of L-citrulline n treating ED, however, they do not prove that it works in humans.

The United States (FDA) has not approved L-citrulline as a treatment for ED. So many trials are necessary before doctors can determine whether or not citrulline works.

L-citrulline supplements

You should only take L-citrulline supplements when your doctor advises you. While there are no severe side effects known, there’s a potential for drug interactions, especially if you already take an ED drug such as Viagra. Also, its important to pay attention to the fact that supplements offer the most promise for moderate forms of ED. It is very important to know that supplements are not monitored by the FDA for safety or purity. Buy any kind of supplement from a reputable source

Other L-citrulline sources

You’d need to eat about 3 1/2 cups of diced watermelon every day to match the L-citrulline levels found in supplements. Orange and yellow varieties of watermelon might have a little bit higher levels, which means you can eat less to reap the same citrulline levels of traditional red watermelon.

Risks and benefits of watermelon

Watermelon is mostly considered safe, even in large quantities. Until or unless a man has an allergy to watermelon, he can safely consume it.

Men with diabetes should discuss with their doctors first about how much watermelon they can safely consume. And also other fruits can raise blood sugar levels. So eating a large amount of watermelon may be unsafe for some people with diabetes.

Watermelon is low in calories but overconsumption of food can lead to weight gain. It is idiotic to eat large quantities of any food, especially if doing so causes gut pain or uncomfortable feelings of fullness.

No, No research has found any serious type of side effects associated with watermelon in healthy men or animals. As such, it is fine to try watermelon as a Viagra alternative or even to use it alongside Viagra.

How to use watermelon for increasing the benefits

The advantages of watermelon come from citrulline. Utilizing watermelon in a way that maximizes citrulline intake can increase the benefits. 

In the year of 2005, a study found that red watermelon was slightly lower in citrulline than yellow or orange varieties. Rinds of watermelon have higher concentrations of citrulline than the fruit’s flesh. there were no serious differences between seeded and seedless varieties.

To boost citrulline intake, people can try blending watermelon rind in a smoothie.

Few supplement manufacturers, such as those found here, also sell citrulline supplements. However these products can increase citrulline intake, the FDA does not evaluate the safety or effectiveness of these supplements. 

Talk to your doctor about supplements you take

If you take the decision to take  L-citrulline supplements first you need to talk to your doctor. This is very important if you’re already taking any other supplements or medications. L-citrulline supplements need to be considered a part of your penile health plan and not as a replacement for any other medication you might need. Talk your doctor about all your option before you take any decision

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