10 Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis
10 Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis

Specifically, age does not matter at all when it comes to the most painful, chronic, never-ending, and long-lasting disease called Osteoarthritis whether you are in your 20’s or you just have crossed 50’s. Surely, Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis can easily be found not only in adults but a school or college going students reportedly go through this because of a high deficiency level in calcium, proteins, and any other required elements or substances which are meant to be necessary for our body to function properly. 

As per the doctors and medical science, Osteoarthritis is recognized as one of the inflammatory forms of Arthritis, which is globally well-known for causing and letting people endure endless joint pain in their body parts such as in fingers, elbows, shoulders, feet, and etc. People usually feel or experience Osteoarthritis pain when they try to move their body parts.

Furthermore, When a person is suffered and cried from this painful Osteoarthritis including my mother as well, it can be seen and understood with his or her swollen, inflamed, and overstructured parts of the body that how much pain and stiffness he or she is going through. 

Whenever you feel and experience any sort of stiffness or you find any difficulty in moving your body parts such as hands, feet, shoulders, it always better for you to get yourself updated with our 10 symptoms of osteoarthritis. which will surely help you to stop this ailment from being never-ending and more severe in the future. But first of all, we will look at the description of what exactly Osteoarthritis is and how it affects people of different ages.

An Introduction To What Is An Osteoarthritis And How Does It Occur?

Osteoarthritis is appeared to be a common problem from which, people of all ages suffer. According to the doctors, it certainly affects the parts or joints of our body which are used to bear our whole weight such as knees, hips, spine, and feet. 

Additionally, In a healthy joint, a coating of tough but smooth and slippery tissue is commonly known as cartilage covers the surface of the bones and provides assistance to the bones in order to make free body movements against each other. When osteoarthritis affects our joints, the parts of the cartilage becomes thinner and the surface of the bones becomes rougher. This leads the joint parts of our body to stop moving or functioning smoothly and properly as it should be.

What Exactly Cartilage Is For Our Bones And How It Is Associated To Osteoarthritis?

If we talk about what exactly Cartilage is – well it is an important tissue that is considered a firm, rubbery material used to cover the ends of our bones in normal joints in order to make frictionless body movements. The major functionality of cartilage is to reduce the chance of friction in the joints so that moving of joints against each other will certainly be easy. 

When cartilage gets broken down or damaged, all the tissues and cells within our joints gradually become active than normal as the body tries to repair the damage. And also, this kind of repair process definitely and completely change the structure of our joints or bones but also allow the joint to work normally and effortlessly and without causing any pain and stiffness in the body.

10 Basic And Important Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis You Must know 

Medically there are tons of reasons and symptoms that could be noticed and brought out to the public about osteoarthritis disease, but here we have introduced the 10 most common and well-known symptoms from suffering Osteoarthritis.

  • The pain which is felt by every Osteoarthritis patients when they try to make body movements is one of the symptoms or signs of Osteoarthritis disease. If you are suffering and enduring regular pain in moving your joints or parts or you notice swollen and inflamed parts and area of your body, then make sure to an take an action without getting delay and don’t forget to fix the appointment with the doctor. 
  • Generally, When your joints are affected by Osteoarthritis always hurts and causes you great pain before and after making the body movements. And also the affected joints usually have gone to be swollen. 
  • When you feel stiffness and rigidity in moving your body parts for a very long time, then there may be a high chance of contacting you from Osteoarthritis. When the cartilage – (covers your end of the joints)breaks down or gets damaged you specifically experience hardness and difficulty to move your body parts.
  • When your body completely goes in the inactive stage or if we say you awaken after asleep, you feel this kind of rigidity and stiffness in moving your body parts. Then no doubt this is also the symptom of Osteoarthritis.
  • Mild Swelling And Tenderness can also lead you to Osteoarthritis and considered one of the symptoms of Osteoarthritis you must be aware of. Your Osteoarthritis affected joints or body parts can feel tenderness and mild swollen when you try to apply force or a little bit pressure to them or if we talk about near them.
  • When you realize that you have the lost ability to stretch your body parts in various correct postures or Osteoarthritis does not allow you to show your body’s flexibility anymore. Then this is also one of the symptoms or reasons you are suffering Osteoarthritis.
  • When your joints have spurred bones due to which you bear heavy pain in your body. Spurred bones are basically defined when extra bones are deposited into the affected joints of your body. 

What Do The Doctors Say About Spurred Bones?

Bone spurs are those bones that could make their place in any bone but they are most commonly found and seen in joints. where two or more bones come together this is the scenario of spurred bones that cause people to feel unbearable pain. 

Also, where muscles, ligaments, or tendons are firmly associated and attached to the bone, bone spurs activates itself.

Most affected parts of the body from spurred bones are necks, spine, shoulders, hip, knee, toes, and heel.

  • The gradual emerging of Osteoarthritis should or can’t be taken for granted at all. With every second of passing time, Osteoarthritis enters into your joints or body parts resulting in the future, it is presented to you in the form of endless medical checkups and x-rays which continue to go with whole your life.
  • Don’t take it easy or dare to neglect “when you hear a sound like Cracking And Crunching while moving and stretching your body. 

Basically, people who are affected by Osteoarthritis usually hear the sounds of cracking and clicking when they try to move their joints or body. These are the sounds of bones which are rubbed together because of worn and damaged cartilage to cushion them. As we have known here that cartilage is required to make every joints movement softer without introducing to the friction.

  • When Osteoarthritis targets specific locations in your hands called end joints of your end as compare to rheumatoid arthritis which certainly targets knuckles sections of your hands. 
  • Osteoarthritis tends to targets only one side of the body or you may say half of the body when you get affected by it due to some valid circumstances. If you feel that you are affected or suffering only sided body and joints pain then you must see your doctor.
  • Here you don’t have to undergo any blood test process or any sort of abnormalities. This painful disease called Osteoarthritis can only be diagnosed and tested by just X-rays and any physical examination.

The Bottom Line

If you and your loved ones, feel or experience any of the following symptoms which we have mentioned here, then stop neglecting it anymore now as it can cause you lots of endless arthritis issues in the future. It’s always better to get diagnosed yourself while observing the symptoms in your body.

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