How much should I use Propecia?

how much should I use Propecia

The hair on your head is something that enhances your personality. Have you ever imagined yourself without the hairs on your head? Well, imagine for a second how will you look without the hair. So, did you like yourself without the hairs on your head? lolz.  Well, we know it was an awful experience. The hair not only enhances your personality but also provides a good look and confidence to you. But sadly these days a number of men are going through the issue of baldness. Even people are getting bald in their early ages too.

There are many medications and solutions to this issue. Propecia is one of the medications that deal with the pattern of baldness in men. And this particular blog on how much should I use Propecia deals with the amount of Propecia one should intake.   

Well, we are going to see how much Propecia one should use. Propecia is basically a medicine that is used to deal with early baldness. It can be prescribed alone or with the other medications as well. So be with the blog and get all your doubts cleared about the Propecia and its intake.

How much should I use Propecia?

Well, it’s recommended to have one tablet once a day. And generally, for the best result, it is suggested to take this medicine for another three months. But it’s just the general recommendation. The dose can vary as per the doctor’s recommendations. And the time period of the treatment may too vary as per of doctor’s recommendation. 

So, it’s very important to consult a doctor before going for the Propecia. Also, one should consult the doctors if they want to discontinue the medication. This discontinuing medication can lead to serious issues that we are going to see in the next section.     

What if you are stopping Propecia for a month?

Well, leaving any habits takes some time and the same is with the medication processes. One should be aware that Propecia is not a permanent solution to cure your baldness. If one does so, he might start hair loss again. And there will be no benefits of using the medications till now. Also, in the worsen situation you will see an unusual amount of hair falls. 

And the situation can be even worsened if the medication is stopped for the next seven days. So, it is strongly recommended to consult the doctor before discontinuing the Propecia medication.     

Is Propecia(finasteride) for women?

Well, hair loss in female can be observed by the forehead and parietal scalp caused by the diffused hair thinning. About 50 percent of the women’s population are facing the problem of hair loss. Propecia (finasteride) works by stopping men’s testosterone that forcibly changes to hair loss issues. It is recommended for men. 

But as of now, it is not recommended for females as it can create an adverse effect on women. So, as of now, it is not suggested to be consumed by the women over there. But as of the popularity of the medication, it can probably be available for women as well. But as of today, it is not available for women.    

Reasons for hair loss

Well, there can be several reasons for hair loss, we will see some of the most common reasons in this section. So below are some of the common reasons for hair loss:

  • The genetic issue can be one of the causes of hair loss in any person. As we know, the behavior of a child is inherited by their parents. Many of the health issues are passed to the child from the parents as well. 
  • Medication is one of the reasons too. Sometimes the medication we consume comes with particular side effects too. And this the common problem with a lot of medication. Also, the supplements we use sometimes have some side effects too. These side effects can lead to hair loss too. 
  • Stress is the most common reason why several men deal with this hair loss issue. The stress of workload or any other thing can lead to adverse effects on your hair health. Thinking too much about anything can lead to these awful hair loss issues. So, it is recommended to deal with such stress. Or also, one should consult the doctors as it can get even more worsen. 
  • Hair treatment is another common reason for hair fall. In this era of fashion, people are very aware of their looks. And to maintain their looks, they are ready to go to any extent. There are several hair treatments available nowadays. And people get these treatments done without any knowledge that if the treatment is safe for them or not. Every human is different, their body behaves differently and the same is with the hairs. The treatment for one type of hair may not work for another type. So be careful about the chemicals and treatments you are going for your hair. 

So these were some of the reasons why one gets the hair loss issue. Now let us see some of the natural methods to cure the hair loss issue. 

Natural ways to cure hair loss

Although, the natural methods may take a longer time to regrow the hair, yet these are the effective ways. Below are some of the methods that might help you in regrowing those hair losses. 

Onion juice

If the smell is not the issue for you. You can simply go for this home remedy as it quite an efficient way to regrow that lost hair. It improves the keratin growth rate that finally leads to regrowing that hair that you have lost. 


Lemon is another awesome home remedy that can work awesomely. It maintains and provides you with a healthy scalp. Massaging the scalp with the lemon juice before 15 minutes of shampoo can give you a better result. 

Fish oil  

Well, another awesome remedy is fish oil. Fish oil contains the omega fatty acid that enhances the growth of the hair. Omega fatty acids are rich in nutrients and protein that helps in the growth of the hair. 

So these were some of the home remedies that might help in getting that lost hair back.    

Final note 

So this was our short knowledge of how much Propecia should I take. We here discussed some of the common queries. Well, we here also discussed if the Propecia is safe for women or not. We discussed some of the common reasons for hair loss. Also, we discussed some of the home remedies that can bring your lost hair back. So, say goodbye to those hair fall issues forever as of now you have a wonderful medication. Consult with your doctor today only. 

So we hope we have covered quite good information on this particular blog. Hope the information we shared might help you in dealing with those hair loss issues. Propecia is not less than magic in today’s world. So go for the medication today only. For further more such information, keep visiting us.

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