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TriNessa is one of the combination pills that works pretty awesome in dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. If you were searching for some easy methods of birth control then birth control pills are the ones that may give you a desirable result. And TriNessa combination pills work great in this. This contraceptive pill contains two types of hormones. The very first one is progestin and another is estrogen.

Both of these hormones are also found in the human body that releases naturally. The medication is taken orally and has zero complications. Like any other contraceptive pills, these too work in the same way. The goal is to stop the fertilization that finally stops the pregnancy in women. Also, this pill makes the cervical mucus thicker that stops the sperm from joining the eggs, and finally, the pregnancy is prevented.   

Although this medication works pretty awesome there are some common side effects that one needs to know about. So it’s time to see some of the side effects of the TriNessa birth control pills. 

TriNessa Side Effects

Let us see some of the side effects of the TriNessa birth control pills.

  • stomach pain
  • gas
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • breast tenderness
  • acne
  • darkening of facial skin
  • headache
  • nervousness
  • mood changes
  • problems with contact lenses
  • weight gain
  • breakthrough bleeding
  • vaginal discharge
  • skin rash

These side effects are very general and very common. Also, one doesn’t need to worry about these side effects as these will wear off in a few days or weeks.  


28 pills, 1 packet


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